Human-use Experience

| Steadicam Merlin

Experience: Packaging

What I like

Neatly organized. The Merlin travel case does a great job separating all the components. For most users, this is the first time they see the hardware up close, and this case makes sure the experience is clean and impressively simple. Videographers may often find themselves rushing from location to location in a single day. It's nice that a jumbled mess of equipment is not one more worry added to an already demanding day.

Unique compartments. After disassembling the Merlin, it's fairly obvious where each part goes back in the case. This encourages the user to properly store the equipment, avoiding damage and ensuring another clean experience the next time the case is opened.


What I don't like

Difficult to remove weights. The foam compartments for the weights are designed slightly too deep and offer no means of grabbing the weights. To pull them out, you must force your fingers into the dense foam. Even then, these weights may have 1.5lbs on them, which could be a little heavy for some fingertips.


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