Human-use Experience

| Steadicam Merlin


Packaging Manual Setup Design

What I like

Neatly organized
Unique compartments
Lots of images
See-saw analogy
Highly configurable
Online cookbook
Drop test
Fold compactly
Fine-balancing rollers

What I don't like

Difficult to remove weights No numbering for figures
Incorrect balancing formulas
Frustrating balancing game
Cookbook outdated
Must remove camera strap
Must rebalance for any changes
Poor balance becomes poor framing
Difficult to fold
Handle grip


In the travel case, I'd cut two grooves in the weight compartments for easier access. The stage should have either a compartment for a camera strap or some way of clipping it to the frame. For folding the frame, I'd design a quick-release locking mechanism as opposed to forcibly bending the pieces apart. Finally, the handle grip needs a makeover. It should have rubber ridges and a curved profile to provide a better grip.

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